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Many people tell me, "I would like to buy a C-3 Corvette but I don't want to get into an expensive restoration that I will probably never finish or can not afford to finish". I hear this one a lot too, "I really would like to drive it as soon as I buy it or shortly after". My response to them is always, "The 1980-1982 Corvette has many advantages over most other C-3 Corvettes and are a very smart choice".

During the 1970's we had a gas crisis in America and we went through the mid 1970's in an economic down turn. Majority of Corvettes at this point in time were not well cared for and became too expensive to drive. Many of them were no longer cared for and neglected. The had been parked outside of garages and left to rot and rust away.

About the 1980 classic auto restoration started becoming a big interest in people and these cars were cared for with a whole new respect and outlook. This meant that a higher percentage of these Corvettes were not as time abused. Therefor the 1980-1982 Corvettes usually need a lot less restoration work than the older C-3 Corvettes.

I will go into more detail on the advantages of purchasing a 1980-1982 Corvette in my next post. Be sure follow my blog.

Michael Mermelstein

America's Finest Corvettes


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