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suspenssion set2.jpg

We at America's Finest Corvettes are offering both the F-40 and the F-41 optional stock high performance suspension package for your 1963-1969 and your 1970-1982 corvettes. This option came on approximately 9000 corvettes from the years 1963-1969. They were mainly on the high horsepower corvettes. This package made the corvette handle as well as any of the European cars from that era and will keep up with today's driving vehicles. This option will work on your 1970-1982 corvette.


donut bushing2.jpg
donut bushing1.jpg

This part is also referred to as a rear suspension locater .Every component is effected by the wear and position of these donut bushings. Our bushings are made using only the highest grade rubber and are vulcanized around two steel plates exactly as GM did it originally. The other companies products are inferior in that they use only one plate of steel and they use recycled rubber which shows cracks after only one year on your corvette. This bushing is NCRS correct for 1966-1979 but we at America's Finest Corvettes will modify this bushing to be NCRS for your 1963-1965 corvette at no additional cost to our customers.

In 1973-1982 the package was referred to as ZO7 or FE7 suspension package, but it also came with a rear sway bar which we also manufacture.

(A)  Correct (exact) rear leaf spring

(B)  Correct front coil springs

(C)  15/16" front sway bar and bushings

(D)  This package will bring up the value of your corvette far greater than the cost of the package if it originally came on your corvette!

Fact: From 1966-1969 half of all the big block, solid lifter Corvettes came with this option. Don't leave your Corvette restoration incomplete. This package will pass NCRS judging at every level! Your Corvette will sit at the proper height and have a real engineered spring rate the same as the factory original. Your Corvette will handle like it never did before. You will have the confidence and safety for all of that brute horsepower. 


A-Arms, Upper and Lower

1963-1982 Why mess around restoring your worn out or rusted a-arms? With America's Finest Corvettes complete a-arm set you get new NCRS correct arms, including, correct riveted ball joints, washers, bolts, bumpers, cross shafts.

rear frame cross members that we stamp o

1963-67 rear frame cross members that we stamp out in our own shop at 50 pieces at a time and supply other dealers, shops and individuals. We make these and many other frame sections

rear trailing arm housings.png

1965-82 rear trailing arm housings when we stamp them out before powder coating

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