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At America's Finest Corvettes we have our buyers searching every barn and backyard in the southwestern United States for only the best used Corvettes that are ready to be recycled. These are original GM frames that have been inspected for integrity, jigged for trueness, sandblasted, metal conditioned with phosphoric acid, then painted with acrylic enamel with a hardener.

Buying a reconditioned original GM frame from us assures you that the frame is straight and rust free.


There are many safety issues with a frame that was once rusty and pitted. After sandblasting a frame that has experienced pitting, there will be a significant amount of metal loss that affects the structural strength and rigidity of a frame.


As a result your frame and car body most likely will experience flexing, cracking and poor handling. In many cases it will be outright dangerous to drive.


After purchasing a rolling frame and suspension from us, we will have saved you a year's worth of time and frustration that you would have regretted spending on your restoration. In most cases, by the time you are done, (if ever), with your under carriage restoration, it will have cost you more than if you purchased a complete roller from us outright (no cores necessary)!

Do you really want to build your car around a frame that has been compromised? Here at America's Finest Corvettes we end your chassis nightmare. We remanufacture 1963-1982 frames that will properly support your body as original. One that is every bit as good as GM. When you build your corvette body on our completely re-manufactured rolling frame and suspension, you will be amazed at how tight your corvette is able to drive with that positive steering.


Your car will not shake and rattle like your typical 30-40 year old Corvette. Your Corvette will become a great driving experience and you will never regret leaving your entire undercarriage up to us.

frame crated and bolted then covered.png
frame crated and bolted 2.png
1963 frame and suspension 3.png

1963 - 1964 Corvette Frame and Suspension

1963 - 1964 Corvette Frame and Suspension Crated

1963 - 1964 Corvette Frame and Suspension Crated Before Shipping

Complete roll away frames with suspension

Our Frames are re-manufactured using only precision jigs to insure outstanding parts alignment, sandblasted and painted or powder coated. This also includes, removable 3rd member cross member, complete suspension front and rear, every part sand blasted, powder coated, painted or plated as factory original. All nuts and bolts are cadmium plated in black, clear, or yellow, (gold) accordingly. With correct original GM head markings. All of our front end components: ball joints, tie rod ends, idler arm, sway bar link kit and a-arm bushings are all built exactly like GM original. These parts are the only ones on the market that will pass rigid NCRS JUDGING. With our new a-arm sets the ball joints are already riveted. They come with lower and upper a-arm bumpers and correct a-arm cross shafts, new tie rod sleeves, rebuilt steering box, correct pitman arm, rebuilt relay rod, new front wheel bearing assemblies, restored correct spindles, steering arms, hubs, splash shields, caliper brackets, new rotors, s/s sleeved Delco calipers, semi metallic pads, new brakes/s or TBW brake line kit, news/s or TBW main fuel lines, brake proportioning block, rear brake blocks and all correct brake and fuel line clips and bolts, correct front sway bar and bushings and new or restored GM front coil spring. All components are inspection marked or painted.


Rear suspension includes: rebuilt and restored Posi traction 3rd member with the correct casting number, date, and stamping for your gear ratio and final assembly date. Both left hand, right hand trailing arm assemblies include: new or restored GM housing, new or restored GM spindles, dated GM wheel bearing support, flange, new wheel bearings and seals, news/s e-brake hardware, new e-brake shoes, new Delco numbered correct splash shields, new rotors, new bushings, s/s sleeved Delco calipers, new semi metallic pads, new brake hoses and correct plated t-arm shims, two half shafts with original style non Zerc fitting u-joints, restored companions, french locks, two new strut rods with correct bushings. With either a GM restored original or our correct 7 leaf springs: new liners, correct scalloped ends of each leaf, correct bluish gray paint, and is the only 7 leaf springs with the correct spring rate on the market today. It is the only steel leaf spring that passes rigid NCRS judging. Third member removable cross member restored with our new correct doughnut bushings.



1963 -64 frame and suspension 2.png
63-64 frame and suspension.png
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