Our wheels are direct, bolt on, 100% safe and you'll never lose them again! Made with the most advanced technology. We have the truest balanced wheel on the market today!


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1963-1964 WHEEL BY

The pictures above and below are featuring our 1963 and 1964 replica KH wheels. The quality of our wheels far surpasses our competitors. 


We are the actual designer and manufacturer of these wheels. It is believed to be the best on the market and the quality by far exceeds our competition.


Our wheels are the most accurate reproduction of the original K. H. Wheels that are manufactured today. Our wheels come fully assembled and ready to mount with our standard tapered lug nuts and the spinners, are ready to spin on by hand.

backside of my wheel

1963-1966 and 1967, Backside picture of our wheels showing they are the closest to the backside K-H factory wheels on the market.

This picture below shows our 1967 bolt-on wheel. Note: Center ornament sold separately. 

restored 63 KH wheel.png

In this picture above you see an original 1963 restored K.H. factory wheel

new 63.64.jpg

This picture shows our 1963 - 1964 wheels. They have polished cones and natural cast aluminum (Non Painted) between the fins.

restored 63-64 KH wheels.png

This is a restored set of original 63-64 set of Kelsey Hayes wheels for a customers 1963 ZO6

wheel adapter.jpg

These 3 pictures show our wheel adapter bolted to the wheel.


It supports the cone. The spinner and cap assembly are screwed on by simply using your 2 hands and spinning it.


Screw the adapter onto the spinners and cones by hand, on or off or to install or remove them.

adapter no.3.png
wheel adapter 2.jpg

This is a picture of our 1967 bolt on wheel replicas of the original K.H. Wheels. Our Patent Pending adapter design will never allow the starburst and the ornament assembly to fly off like the original wheels or the wheels manufactured by our competitors.


The design they use has the same assembly held on by 4 small spring steel clips. When you hit a bump in the road they tend to fly off very easily and often.


This results in a great loss of money, perhaps damage to your corvette and responsibility for everyone and all around you.

1967 bolt on.jpg

1963-1966 bolt on knock off wheels. These wheels are not seconds or blems. We are the manufacturer and sell only top quality rims.