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Original shocks were hydraulic roll stamped like on ours.


Hand stamped shocks, which as shown, the lettering is not level and varies in position and spacing. Their knurling is straight line cut instead of done by a die cutting tool as Delco originally.


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AFC162 1963 - Early 1969 Original restored GM shocks. We have a limited supply of original dated shocks. Please call for dates! Pictured are a set from November of 1966. This came as the F-40,F-41 option package. We have restored our shocks using all new internal parts. The valving, shafts, seals and fluid are all new and is as factory new. They come with a 5 year warranty against any mechanical failure including leaking. They have been welded and the welds are knurled down exactly as original GM. The paint is 100% NCRS correct. They have all new bushings and come with correct restored mounting hardware. These shocks are a must for any big block or high performance small block Corvette. Please call for pricing and dates.

standard set of shocks.png

This is a complete set of 1971 Corvette Shock Absorbers

rear shocks with top hat.png

F40/F41 Rear Shocks with Top Hat

See Our Complete Product List Page for Pricing!

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