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Our C-4 frame conversion starts with GM original frames that are California rust free and are laser checked on our frame jig. We incorporate the K member out of the C-4 Corvettes which is fitted plug welded,then welded and metal finished to a factory look. Our conversion eliminates any support bar between the transmission and the 3rd member. This means you will not have to cut your floor pan and limit your interior space as required by other companies conversions. The 3rd member bolts directly to the original 3rd member frame mount,because we use a C-3 Dana 44 with whatever gear ratio you desire. We take the rear end cover, (also referred to as the bat wing) and we tig weld the mounting brace for the four link rear toe rods. The Dana 44 3rd member is far stronger then the stock C-4 Dana 36 which is what most of the conversions out there use, unless they charge you about $2000. extra to get a C-4 Dana 44. Our Dana 44 is included in the price of our rollers. With our conversion we use the GM original front and rear mono leaf springs that are cut down in width to compensate for the lighter weight of the entire C-2/C-3 corvette. There is nothing better then GM engineering. Other companies use coil over spring technology, which does not compare with GM engineering. Our transmission cross member/exhaust member allows you extra room to easily mount up any transmission and shifter combination you want. We also offer this conversion with LS motor mounts. We can build this conversion to your specific needs. With our conversions we guarantee fit of your body and bumper mounting unlike our competitors. Don't be fooled by other companies inferior smaller and weaker frame rails which are not designed to accept 400 plus horsepower. We are the industry leader in suspension technology .Don't settle for inferior designs when you can have the best. Please call for price and more information.

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We are open 7 days a week to take your calls and answer emails


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